Music has been very crucial in my life from a very early age on. It provided me with a save place, a place where I could be free and happy. Connecting me with my primal force, giving me strength, a blanket of love. Hearing the whispers of my soul, feeling the vibration to live my passion. A place where I could be me.

It’s my mission to give this to others. Embrace you with my music and reconnect you with your primal force. Your inner power. Express yourself the way God made you and live your deserved happy life in love, whatever the circumstances. A life of confidence in your pure being, where you’re seen, and you can truly be yourself.

My techno music is grounded, primal, picked by soul. Dark, Deep, forceful, uplifting and energetic. Always holding this sparkle of light, touching your soul, lifting you up. I mix high quality driving techno in a flow from higher to darker and vice versa, playing with lots of dynamics.

‘Joyce Mercedes’ My name was given to me by my mother Dalia Trugg and I wear it with pride. An amazing mother who I loved dearly, left earth way to soon. I was born on the 3rd of march under the Constellation ‘Pisces’ and ascendant 'Gemini'.

Joyce : A gender-neutral name. From the Old English surname, which is from the Old English Judoc meaning ‘Lord’. Also commonly associated with the English words "joy" and ‘rejoice’.

Mercedes: It's rooted in the Spanish María de las Mercedes — Our Lady of Mercies — and pays homage to the Virgin Mary's ties to divine mercy. The virtue that manifests itself in helping people who are in mental or physical need. The gracious act of God, which is experienced by man as a gift.



Driving - Peak -Uplifting - Energetic - Dark - Groove - Trippy - Hypnotic - Happy

Internationally renowned Dutch techno artist, DJ and recordproducer, Joyce Mercedes’ (Joyce Mercedes van Engelen) passion for hunting down and mixing the perfect beats, started at the age of 9, when she inherited her fathers turntable.

Super ambitious and hardworking, she has gone on to perform in over 70 countries and made appearances in over 50 magazines globally and radio stations.

Joyce Mercedes is a certified audio Engineer and producer, Graduated at the SAE in Amsterdam. She did a lot of experiences in The Netherlands as well as abroad. She proved many times her quality as a DJ and music producer. Her releases hit the Global Beatport to 100 charts regular. Her music is of big quality and high level. Style: Underground Techno House

(Former) residencies include Space’s (Ibiza) World tour, Amsterdam’s ‘Supperclub, Club NL , Giel Beelen's Freaknacht fridays on Dutch TV and Radio and Techno Tuesday Amsterdam at The Melkweg in Amsterdam. She invented a weekly online 'Darkroom' broadcast with much success. Performed in nearly every major club throughout Europe, South-America and the Far East ( Various Pacha, Ministry Of Sound (Chile, Italy, Taiwan), Sensation white, Dance Valley, Impulz outdoor, Space World Tour, Nikki Beach, VIP-room, Volar (HongKong), Stadium (Jakarta), M2 (China) Calypso (Tunesia), Club Rex(Paris), Queen (Paris) Calheta Beach Party (Mandeira) Teatro Caupolican (Chile) Theatro de Carthage (Tunesia) and so on. Mercedes shared stages with world renowned artists like Derrick May, Sasha, John Digweed, Chris Fortier, Antony Papa, Paul van Dijk, Marco V, James Holden, James Zabiela, Joachim Garraud ao

Joyce Mercedes's signature sound takes inspiration from the early house scene and legendary artists like, Sister Bliss , Deep Dish, Junior Vasquez, sundays La Rocca, played by Marko. Mercedes’ marvelous choice of records shows her nose for quality and her exceptional mix-technique is based on a combination of inborn talent and perseverance. Vocal records will not be avoided in her dark and trippy sound. Yet one thing always remains consistent, Mercedes is a hypnotist who knows how to stun a dance floor. Her ubiquitous sonic palette is influenced by melodic techno, psychedelic, progressive, tech, trance, tribal, groove, minimal, soul and funk.

Releasing on Codex, Octopus, Le Club Records, Unrilis, Dark Face Recordings, Sbert Records, Orange Recordings and Fierce animals. 'Drumroll' brought her the first top 100 entry at the global techno beatport charts. continued by many. (Driving/Peak time) Drumroll : Techno Top 100 #43, Techno Hype #7 / Coruscate : Techno Hype #86 / Sabotage : Techno Top 100 # 49, Techno Hype #12, Overall top 100 #64/ Loaded: Techno top 100 #62, Techno Hype #18, Overall hype top 100 #87/ Gotcha : Techno Hype #100/ Exonerate: Techno Top 100 #97/ Exonerate : Techno Top 100 #97/ Mauro Somm - Deep Control (Joyce Mercedes Remix) : Techno Hype top 100 #49

Supported by Layton Giordani, Loco&Jam, Veerus, Oscar L, Belocca, Charles D, Sisko Electrofanatik, Drumcomplex, Eddie Halliwell, Devid Dega, Gaga , Bart Skils, Joyhauser, Dani Sbert, Maxie Devine, No Name Left, Zafer Atabey, Stoked, Barbuto, Hollen, Paco Osuna, Frankyeffe, Kryder, Markantonio, Koen Groeneveld ao

Always working hard in the studio on new tracks and remixes, stay tuned for her stellar upcomming releases!

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