Joyce Mercedes, Techno artists. DJ and recordproducer

Joyce Mercedes, born in a small town in the south of the Netherlands, has evolved into a pioneer in the global techno scene. Her passion for sound began at a young age when she strongly responded to sounds, instinctively moving her body to the rhythm of music. After inheriting her father's turntables and discovering her love for vinyl, Joyce began her musical journey by spending hours digging through records in the local record store. Her teenage years were filled with wild house parties where only her favorite music blasted through the speakers.

After a career as a dancer for iconic venues and a 2 year stint with a well-known Dutch soft rock band, Joyce delved deeper into the core of the techno scene. Inspired by legendary DJs and her extensive record collection, she transitioned to DJing. Her unique sound, rooted in her love for early house music and legendary artists, earned her gigs at prestigious clubs around the world.

With a background as a certified audio engineer and producer, Joyce also began making her mark in the studio. Her debut singles and subsequent releases were quickly noticed and supported by major names in the industry. Today, Joyce is known for her hypnotic sets, taking her audience on a journey full of energy and excitement.

As a prominent figure in the Dutch techno scene, with former residencies in leading clubs and a successful weekly livestream show, Joyce Mercedes continues to demonstrate her deep connection to music and her tireless dedication to her artistic vision. Her journey from an enthusiastic record collector to an internationally recognized artist is a testament to her raw talent, unbridled passion, and boundless commitment to the art of underground music.